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At last, social travel portal Minube enters English-speaking market

If you take a look at the demo video showing how the Minube app can function, you'll see that it's very impressive and will perhaps inspire you to take out your passport or backpack today!

What is most surprising is that Minube has already expanded so widely throughout the globe, offering Spanish, German, French and Chinese (among others). Now at long last it is entering the English speaking market, and despite the crowded space in this sector, it offers what many believe is a superior product.

Viewed as a must for travel bloggers, the Minube app allows extensive filtering and recommendation options when exploring new destinations, and a seamless way of publishing updates to friends or to personal pages. There is also an option for users to effectively become travel writers, as they can contribute to social travel guides for cities and then share in revenues. Moreover there are ways of planning group trips and excursions, that can ease the organisation required for those journeys.

It's of little surprise that last year the Minube travel app was voted by Apple as the best iPhone application in Spain. By allowing travellers to make their own travel guides (and make money from selling them) Minube may have hit upon the secret to success in a crowded marketplace. View their explanatory video to see how cool their app functions!

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Demo of Minube app