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Beebrite - Brain training via online games!

A start-up that promises to make you smarter whilst you play games, has hit the headlines in the Spanish start-up scene. Beebrite, a project developed by two entrepreneurs Alejandro Durán and Amparo Casamayo, is available in both Spanish and English, and claims to improve your memory and intelligence via the playing of games.

Many of the game ideas are based on the N-back training method developed by scientists at the University of Michigan. The techniques have been further developed by scientists at the Institute Cajal in Madrid, the largest neuroscience research centre in Spain. The result is that users can improve speed of response, memory, calculation, language and concentration through playing entertaining games.

One of the founders of Beebrite, Alex Duran, a young entrepreneur of 22 years, has been interviewed many times in the last few weeks by the Spanish press and Latin American television. As a result of their potential shown already, the company has just won funding of 200,000 euros from their founders - ENISA, the accelerator Mola.com and an anonymous business angel.

The concept of brain training games is not new - indeed the Silicon Valley enterprise Lumosity has received 67.7 million dollars to help it develop its own platform of brain development games. Where Beebrite can improve on this model is in two main areas - firstly they have an innate grasp of the Spanish speaking market, and secondly, they have introduced gamification techniques to the mix - techniques which have been shown to help promote and market the product across social networks.

Beebrite operates on a freemium basis - many games are available on a free basis, but users are also entitled to buy the premium membership that allows them to play at advanced levels and to share advanced statistics with friends. It is available on web, and Android and iOS applications are currently under development.

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