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CoverTimes - display the world's front pages

Sometimes a start-up does not have the most original idea, yet its implementation of that idea is so good that users rave about it.

This is a fascinating site that allows you to look at Newspaper front pages around the world. It's not the first aggregator to operate in this way, but the ease of use makes the site a joy to persuse those front pages - you can search by country, page, lanaguage or topic.

Cover Times, set up by the talented Manuel Gutiérrez (founder of Popuz.com), has gotten off to a brisk start. In just 3 months of operation it's achieved 35,000 viewed pages and 10,000 unique daily visitors. No slouch on the apps front either - it's already achieved 12,000 downloads.

Definitely a site to add to your bookmarks, if you are in any way addicted to media.

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Screen shot from CoverTimes

Screen shot from CoverTimes