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Day 2 pitches from the Madrid Startup & Investor Summit

On the second day (8th June) more pitches were made by emerging Spanish start-ups at the summit. I again found the quality of presentation to be high and often hit the Wow! factor. The editing of the video is also better on this second day. Although property prices, bond rates and even bank capital ratios are what are currently hitting the news headlines, it's these type of businesses that will provide Spain's future.

As before, I've noted the rough time of each pitch so anyone interested can skip to the relevant presentation.

1:40 Quark Robotics -Design and supply of robot systems for industrial cleaning, pest control and maintenance purposes

6:40 Cognicor - Artificial Intelligence System for dealing with customer complaints (a presenter made a joke that Ryanair would find this system useful...) Directory entry Cognicor

11:16 Emtrics - Opinion sourcing using emoticon-based smartphone apps. Directory entry Emtrics

16.20 Doctor Doctor - Web Booking systems, health alerts etc for use by medical clinics and hospitals.

21:10 Invoost - Virtual Trading platform. Fun competition in real time, allowing the best players to change virtual money into real cash. Directory entry Invoost

26:57 NimGenetics - Genetic Diagnosis to help with early treatments.

31:55 Womenalia - Networking system for professional women, seeking to become the world's LinkedIn for the female half of the population. Directory entry Womenalia

37:35 AlphaSic - Instant medical reporting feedback system, using nanoChips for medical diagnostics

1:17:50 Flockmob City mobility intelligence analysis

1:24:07 RGS - Rehabilitation Gaming system to help those suffering from brain damage eg strokes

1:32:14 Super Truper - m-commerce (m for mobile) platform for shopping comparisons instore via smart phone apps. Now developing an app for blind people (blindSmile) Directory entry Super Truper

You can find the slides for these presentations at slideshare