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EyeOS uses HTML5 to maintain position as world's premier cloud desktop

Promoted as the world's number 1 cloud desktop, EyeOS is a full range of desktop facilities usable from a web browser, including an office suite and other applications. There is also a full framework to develop new web apps as if they were desktop apps.

They enter 2013 with new functionality, taking advantage of HTML5 advances to enhance their virtualization offerings. No pre-installed software is needed on the local device, both Windows and Linux desktops can be run, and bandwidth usage is strictly optimized.

In short this platform allows companies to provide employees and clients with a full range of software via the cloud, without having to maintain locally based software applications - no need for local servers - just an internet connection is required.

A technical overview of EyeOS can be found here but to get a better idea of the power of this framework, take a look at the explanatory video. Pau Garcia-Milà and his team have done wonders with this cloud setup, and fully deserve the many plaudits they have already received - good luck with their plans for world domination in 2013!

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explanatory video of eyeOS