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Five Spanish start-ups to watch in 2013

Last year I wrote an article on 5 Spanish start-ups to look out for in 2012 for EU_startups and it became quite popular. It's always hard to make 100% accurate predictions, and the first one on that list, Youzee, didn't quite succeed as planned - although I understand they've pivoted and become a video rental operation. The ones I did get right - Zyncro, Minube and SocialBro - had a storming 2012 and are all expanding on the international field. This year, the choice is harder than ever, and the sheer number of start-ups that appear each day, make it difficult to choose "most likely to succeed". Instead I'm going to choose 5 that I believe offer something a little different, and the ability to reach out to an international audience.

First on my list is BrainSins who claim to increase web store sales and conversions by up to 30%, and have apparently grown strongly throughout 2012. I'm not just including them here because they have a great product for eCommerce that works worldwide, but also because their Twitter account is one I always take notice of. A highly professional outfit that look set for greater things in 2013.

Next on my list is Clipyoo , a very recent start-up that offers professional video stock online, for competitive pricing. They are up against stern competition like Getty Images or Clipdealer, but hope to undercut and provide a simpler service. Their aim is to replicate the Apple model - simplicity, professional quality and ease of us - whilst offering images and videos targeted at European locations. As a consequence of their Wayra (the Telefonica startup incubator) membership, they realised that their model can work from the off on an international stage, and they are launching with this aim in mind.

Next up is AdTriboo a crowd-sourcing site for creative professionals. If you're looking for creative talent, whether it be logo creation or a web shoot, this should be one of your first destinations. I'm glad to see they now cater for the English-speaking world, have over 120,000 professionals already registered, and are now looking to take on more talent internationally.

The next start-up on my list, is one I've only just heard about. A simple idea really, but all the great ones are. My Balcony offers those with a good viewing point of carnivals or sporting events, to rent out those balconies to interested visitors. I know this has gone on for many years already with the running of the bulls in Pamplona; now with this utility tourists can gain front-line views such as the Valencian Fallas or the Monaco Grand Prix.

The last spot I'm giving to Logywave which is touted as the best way to create your own sound with your friends in the cloud I currently don't have a strong opinion as to its future growth prospects - I just know it looks a lot of fun. And we still need fun (perhaps even more so) in these testing economic times.

I anticipate looking back at this article in 12 months time, and noting that most (if not all) of my selections have gone on to great success. Time, as always, will tell.


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