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Gusteu - Innovative Meal Menu creator using stock market algorithms!

Eugenio Mendoza from Las Palmas has come up with a storker of an idea, that will enable restaurants and bistros to put together menu combinations that extract the most profit. It's claimed that the site Gusteu is unique, as all other competitors treat the menu as separate dishes, whereas the algorithms here take into account all the different dishes offered on the menu. In short the restaurant owner will be able to engineer a menu that maximises earnings.

The site is currently in beta but is registering interested parties for early notification of launch. And in another sign that Spanish entrepreneurs realise their home market is not rocketing, the service will be available in countries such as the US, the UK, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and India.

This utility is such a great idea because it's not enough to provide great food and service in your restaurant - you also have to make sure it's a profitable business too. It's a notoriously risky business to start out in (even top chefs can come a cropper) so a utility like this that gives the restuaranteur a financial cutting edge, must surely be an essential toolset.

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