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Inspiration Day June 2013

María Gómez del Pozuelo, CEO of Womenalia was the first speaker on Inspiration Day 2013 a conference held for 1,200 female and male professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, and hosted by journalist María Escario. The event took place on June 13, and we are fortunate they made available public videos of the presentations (in Spanish).

María Gómez del Pozuelo started by pointing out that In life things often start with a conversation, where ideas are spread. From those ideas, often entered on a document or spreadsheet, the various steps of creating a business venture are formed. She mentioned all the business women, from 28 countries, who now collaborate in Womenalia., and thanked all those who’d helped in that venture, particularly her family members. Her main message was that there needs to be more women becoming entrepreneurs in society, and that now is the time to do it.

Next up to speak was Carina Szpilka, who had broken the glass celing to become the CEO of ING Direct. Carina started off by stating too many people were looking for dark clouds everywhere, and that Spain had a lot of opportunities world-wide, had great companies and were rising to the challenge of exporting abroad. Talent, competitiveness and the will to succeed were not lacking in Spain. Carina illustrated the approach to solutions by using an Einstein quote "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them", and then highlighted the need for new methods, new ways of attracting new consumers for example with the digital revolution. The example of evolution was given - "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those that adapt most quickly to their environment"

Other ways of approaching the launch of new businesses were given, and Carina stressed the need to lose fear, observe and connect with people. Mobile is the future, and we must remember our market is now global by default. For Spanish speakers you can hear her full speech here.

During the day many other speakers gave inspirational and informative presentations. Not all those giving presentations were women - men were given slots too. One of those speakers on the day was Ricardo Lop – a man from a small village near Teruel, who now exports knives, pistols etc to 22,000 customers worldwide, despite having had no previous eCommerce experience. One of the intruiging things he found out was that although it’s very difficult to export Spanish foodstuffs like ham, sending weapons via the post to customers in New York was very easy. His video presentation can be found here.

For many people, the conversation between the Llopis sisters was a highlight. For those who don’t know of the sisters with Venezuelan roots Patricia Llopis is HR Transformation Leader for SPGI- IBM; Jimena Llopis is Leader Coach & Partner Director BranLoop at Musarión; Elvira Llopis is co-founder of Rose Pour Les Garçons; Regina Llopis is Presidenta & CEO AIA; Ana María Llopis is the founder and CEO of ideas4all.com, also non executive Chairwoman at DIA.

The Llopis sisters spoke on adapting, transforming and Innovation., and you can view the video here

There were many more inspiring speakers who wanted to share their experiences and tips for achieving great things in business. For example one speaker was Emma Fernandez DG of Indra; another was Belén Frau, Director General of IKEA Ibérica, and there were several other leading business presentations.The videos of Inspiration Day can also be viewed on this dedicated webpage.