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Investment of 600,000 euros in mobile ads startup Smadex

Mobile ads startup Smadex has recently closed a funding round of 600,000 euros that will help in its international expansion and enhance its mobile marketing technology. Various investors have taken part in this funding round, including Cabiedes & Partners, Trovit and the 101 Startups fund.

Smadex describes itself as a Mobile Demand Side Platform that incorporates strong dashboard reporting facilities. They provide rich media advertising services for advertisers and agencies that focus on banner ads on smartphones or tablets. Features include ads that adapt to context in real time, and take account of geo-localization influences - for example the location of the nearest relevant stores. Their main target markets are Europe and Latin America, where they see a strong and growing demand for their Mobile Demand Side Platforms.

The CEO and founder of Smadex, Jordi de los Pinos, has stated "The mobile advertising market is growing at an explosive rate throughout the world, and this round of funding will enable us to fulfill the necessary investment in our business and technology developments to compete with large global mobile advertising companies "

Pitching Smadex at the 2012 Barcelona Techcrunch Meetup