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Just Eat swallows up Spanish start-up SinDelantal.

We heard today that the online food ordering and delivery company SinDelantal has been bought up for several million dollars by its multinational rival Just Eat. Not that operating in an international venue has been a novelty to Sindelantal - they have been expanding in Latin America for a while, and purchased the Mexican Miorden.com for example.

What is impressive has been the way that the Spanish portal has managed to build at a time of austerity and contraction in the domestic Spanish market. They have also managed to build their business against another competitor in the same field - Just Eat! It's being held as a good example of maintaining good relations with your competitors, as you never know when a merger or acquisition may become a reality.

The founders of SinDelantal, Evaristo Babé and Diego Ballesteros, will remain on-board for a while, to oversee the transition. Congratulations go to Evaristo and Diego, and to their team, for their hard work in building up the business and achieving a successful exit. Bon Appetit/Buen Provecho!

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