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Key players in Start-ups ii) Marek Fodor

Marek Fodor is known as the founder of Atrapalo one of the leading B2C online Spanish agencies. It provides deals and promotions for leisure activities such as concerts, flights, theatre tickets etc. They continue to expand and have invested over a million Euros in another start-up company - Ticketea.

But his start-up activities don’t stop there, He’s been involved in several illustrious start-ups in Spain, such as agroterra.com and elecciones.es , and his current big project is helping kantox.com change the way FX hedging is conducted on business markets.

Marek Fodor is now active as a business angel and investor in over 10 start-ups. He specializes in the seed stage and help start-ups to get their initial traction. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, online marketing, eCommerce and web development.

If you need expert advice on the Spanish start-up scene, then Marek Fodor is one of the first people you should contact.

Directory entries: Atrapalo _ Agroterra _ Ticketea

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