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Key players in Start-ups iv) Enrique Dubois

Mallorcan-based Enrique Dubois is a serial entrepreneur who is now heavily involved in the start-up incubator and accelerator Mola.com . Mola is one of the most important Spanish start-up incubators today, yet is not restricted to the Balearics, having offices in Madrid, Barcelona, San Francisco, Paris and Brighton. But Enrique’s involvement in start-ups and the IT scene goes back many years.

One of his more famous ventures was the social network Wamba.com, which he sold on in 2009. He is also the founder of Minics the children’s virtual world venture, that is now run from Paris. Other ventures of his include Salud.es , Bingos.com and MediaGambling.com. One of Enrique’s earlier ventures in 2002 was to co-found SX Networks in Uruguay, which has received various awards and plaudits in their sector (a tech and content development company).

To summarise, Enrique Dubois has such a wide history of experience in launching start-ups, particularly on the international arena, that he counts as one of the most influential voices in the Spanish start-up scene.

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