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Key players in Start-ups v) Carlos Blanco Vazquez

Carlos Blanco has been a serial entrepreneur in the Spanish internet sector since the 1990s. Just a few of the enterprises he has founded include Grupo ITnet, OcioMedia, Descargas Online, and OcioDigital. One of his most recent ventures, in 2011, was Akamon a fast growing provider of social games online. This is expanding fast across southern Europe and Latin America, and in August of 2012 alone sought to take on 20 new employees.

Carlos Blanco has also acted as a Business angel in recent years for many new start-ups such as DeporVillage, Kantox, PriceBets, Coguan and Habitissimo . If you look at the success those start-ups are enjoying (it’s almost a who’s-who of wildly successful new Spanish start-ups), you begin to realise how beneficial his advice and guidance can be to a new IT venture. Although his knowledge spreads across many fields, it's perhaps in the social gaming sector that he excels.

And Carlos is now also one of the best journalists reporting on the start-up scene in Spain. You can look at his website here or read his thoughts on his twitter stream.

Carlos Blanco (in Spanish) on hiring for a start-up