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Key players in Start-ups vi) Didac Lee

Serial founder and keen Barcelona FC supporter (he’s their director for New Technologies ) Didac Lee is a famous Catalan with Taiwanese parents, in the Spanish start-up scene. He started his work career in humble origins as a washer-up at his parents’ restaurant, before embarking on his first company IntertcomGi, a provider of internet and hosting facilities.He has now become one of the main business start-up gurus in Spain. Indeed he’s the founder of the Inspirit group that includes Zyncro , addFleet , Spanina, the Etailers and Hoterum amongst its number. With Zyncro (a company that increases working groups’ productivity) he is now even operating from Silicon Valley as well as from Barcelona and other cities world-wide.

One thing that Didac impresses on would-be entrepreneurs is that there is a wealth of useful knowledge already available on the like of Youtube. He states “If I had to give one advice, it would be to go to YouTube and enter ‘entrepreneur’ and you’ll find an endless wealth of tips for startups in any area you want.” Of course it takes other qualities to be successful and Didac Lee certainly has them- he regularly works 15 hours a day, and has above all the desire to keep improving and to learn from any mistakes. He believes that one way for the Spanish economy to recover is to promote the entrepreneurial zeal of young people – he’s stated that entrepreneurs are not highly-regarded in Catalan and Spanish society, and that needs to change. Expect to see more new companies spring up from the Inspirit group under the guidance of Didac Lee. One last interesting aspect that may surprise you – his favourite music group is The Prodigy!!

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