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La Caixa invests in ByHours.com

ByHours.com has closed a funding round with "La Caixa" bank to the value of 300,000 euros, to enable it to continue expanding its booking system of hotel rooms by hourly chunks.

The start-up is the first platform that allows booking of hotel accommodation according to when you choose to check in or check out, rather than the 24 hour system used by most.

Initially it was thought that the service would appeal most to stressed businessmen, who only needed a few hours rest and had no need of booking a full 24 hours. Since launch though, new potential users have come to light, particularly in the health area where for example someone just needs a few hours before or after treatment in a clinic. It's also being seen as an option to people travelling from airports.

There are various innovative hotel booking services aiming to "disrupt" the sector, and it will be interesting to monitor how ByHours.com develops over the coming years.

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