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Lizarran restaurants expanding world-wide.

He probably didn't realise it at the time, in 1998, but when the entrepreneur from León, Mateo Ferrero, opened a restaurant called Lizarran in Sitges, he started something that would later help to spread Spanish tavernas selling pinchos all over the world.
One of the most notable developments in eating out in Spain has been the rise of chain operations using new models that incorporate low cost sampling of snacks and tapas, with 100 Montaditos perhaps being the best known example.

Lizarran is another chain that has spread across the Iberian peninusular, that attempts to offer better quality pinchos but at a reasonable cost. They even have 6 outlets based in the Canary Islands.
A pincho (often spelt pintxo, especially in the Basque country) are usually spiked with a skewer or toothpick, often attached to a slice of bread. The tradition is that you order your drinks separately, and then put your choice of pinchos on your plate. Having one's fill, you are billed on the number of toothpicks you leave on your plate.

Earlier this year, as reported in Cinco Dias , Lizarran announced an expansion plan that will create 1000 new jobs in Spain.
The plan also involves expanding for the first time into various countries such as Brazil, Holland the Baltic states and Qatar. They predict 20 new outlets in Chile and 30 in Brazil during the next expansion phase.

The latest expansion zone appears to be in Asia. According to a recent report in HostelTur , Lizarran will open 8 new outlets in China (they already have an establishment in Shanghai) thanks to an agreement with the company Irene Lau.