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Notes from a Start-up summit, day 1/2 (Madrid)

On the 7th-8th of June, the Spain Startup & Investor Summit took place in Madrid, organised by http://spain-startup.com/. A great number of impressive start-ups took the opportunity to present themselves to prospective investors, and a video was made of each day. One understandable development is that many of the start-ups are aiming at an international market from the start - indeed some of the founders were from other countries. Here I will list the first day start-ups, and their starting time on the video, so you may go straight to the presentation you wish (it's a very long video on both days). There are also great debates by existing entrepreneurs on the day's video.

51:00 minutes : Spotbros, They are hoping to change the way people communicate - integrate Instant messaging, localizations and social networking. Some very useful smartphone apps could arise from this, and looks like they'll be competing with Foursquare.

59:40 : iDoctus Giving doctors access to pharmacy database via mobile device. technology changing the healthcare arena. They offer low-cost and high-effectiveness.

1:08:10 : BabyDeli Ecological eCommerce for babies and their families..through a social network. Already big in Spain, aiming to launch in English and Portuguese.

1:15:40 : Nanogap A Spanish company makes nanoparticles for use in various sectors( eg to protect hospitals from bacteria, among other products). A superb presentation from an enterprise with great potential. Directory Listing NanoGap

1:21:28 GenaSys International Tech company from Madrid with experience of serving mobile operators. now concentrating on enterprise companies - providing solution of business problems for mobile devices.

1:28:30 Agile Contents - Work with media groups and with brands to manage large amounts of data/information - they provide technological solutions for the digital consumption of content and services. Very big in Brazil as well as in Spain. (unfortunately their presentation cuts out at 1:32:30).

2:00:45 (abrupt start due to editing) Sindelantal Expanding and successful portal for food delivery at home. Growing in Spain and internationally (especially Latin America). Directory Listing Sindelantal

2:06:05 OncoVision The use of Molecular Vision in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

2:13:33 INDISYS Helping companies to reduce costs and improve customer service by use of Virtual Intelligent Agents.

2:20:05 Minima Espresso - New generation of portable coffee maker - no boiler required.

2:27:45 Yunait - All daily deals grouped together for timesaving and easier bargain hunting. Already operating in 5 countries. Directory Listing Yunait

2:34:20 TusJuegos - The iTune equivalent for video and computer games downloads. Directory Listing TusJuegos

5:34:35 Notikumi - Events Search Engine, focusing on music events. Unfortunately cut short on video 5:41:01

5:41:02 DLE - Digital Legends - Huge world players. Close relationship with major chip firms 3D game developments (Karisma) etc. Directory Listing Digital Legends

5:44:56 Palo Biofarma New medicines based on Coffee Pharmacology

5:50:40 Pancracio : Quality Chocolates, desserts and beverages via boutiques and web

EDIT: It appears there were even more presentations on the first day. I will post another entry to include Chicisimo, Nanobiomatters, The Mad Video, Onyx Solar, Belbex and Zeerca.

You may also wish to see the presentations as listed above in slide format here: Startup Pitches 1 Startup Pitches 2 Enjoy!