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Percentil - Supplying clothes that grow with your kids

Way back in 2009, Daniel Bezares and Lourdes Ferrer, after becoming parents of twin daughters, launched a web store for parents of twins called TOT-a-LOT

It seems as though the success of that venture, encouraged them to undertake greater things, and they have now come up with PerCenTil.
The basic idea of the operation, is that parents who find their children have outgrown clothes, can sell them to PerCenTil. They then sell those "nearly-new" clothes on to other parents, for a mark-up. It's an idea that can meet resistance in somewhere like Spain, where second-hand garments are often frowned upon; however PerCenTil has concentrated on branded good-quality clothes.
For those parents who despair of the cost of continually forking out for their fast-growing kids, this site allows a big saving in buying branded quality clothes, and also the option of recuperating money when children out-grow their clothes.
It's already proven such a good idea (they have already reached a revenue of 40,000 euros a month, and growing fast) that in February 2013 they won a funding round of 380,000 euros from business angels of the calibre of Francois Derbaix and Cesar Oteiza.

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