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PlaySpace - social games start-up, gains $1.9 million in funding

From the moment I read that this start-up was founded by Alfonso Villar and Enrique Dubois (at the end of 2011) I realised that it probably had a bright future. Perhaps I didn't realise how soon it would become successful, but a few months later it has won funding from PeopleFund and Faraday Venture Partners. Furthermore it has already gained 3 million users in just over 9 months.

The Mallorcan based Playspace is a Gaming Startup that develops traditional social games and converts them into social online gaming products, with the primary markets being Spain and Latin America. It has published games like Parchis, Dominoes, Luno, La Oca and Bingo under a freemium basis, on platforms such as Facebook and Tuenti.

Although there are those who fear competition from the larger US operators in this field (eg Zygna or Playfish), localising their own offerings in Spain or Portuguese, it is worth remembering that many of the Playspace games are local in appeal. Additionally Playspace has proven adept at adapting their games quickly to new devices and in a market where new versions of tablets, iPhones and Nexus etc pop up regularly, that can help gain market share. It is also interesting to see how Tuenti will maintain its market share in the social network market, as Playspace publishes there as well as on Facebook.

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Screenshot of web page

Screenshot of web page