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Social networking..for dogs!

What must be one of the most original start-ups in the social networking field, Doggy Talky has been described as a "WhatsApp" for dogs.

Of course the idea is that people join a social network for dog owners, and then they make friends and acquaintances using the profile and picture of their pet, via geo-localization and chat facilities. The app, which is free to users, is available on Android and Apple devices.

I was blown over when I first read of this social networking - yes, an initial reaction may be to laugh when you hear of a social network for dogs, but then you realise how big the pet dog owning community is world-wide.. The idea is that first a large community evolves, using the free apps, and then the services and adverts that serve the community will follow.

The creators of this app, doonamis, have to be applauded for proceeding with such a unique idea. Their other projects include JoinUp Taxi and Twiquets. It will be interesting to see how this app development company doonamis progresses - it looks as though they have an extremely bright future ahead of them.

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Social networking..for dogs!