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Spanish start-up DeporVillage triples sales in 2012, as eCommerce spikes in Spain.

The growth of eCommerce worldwide has been dramatic, and Spain has shown to be no exception, despite its previous reputation for an aversion to items delivered by post.

Indeed according to this Europapress article, eCommerce sales increased by 20% in Spain in 2012, to reach 12 billion euros in revenue. If anything 2013 is expected to see an even larger increase, of 25%, in eCommerce sales within Spain.

One of the eCommerce start-ups that have taken advantage of this rising market is DeporVillage. Starting out in 2010 as an internet vendor of sports equipment and clothing, DeporVillage closed 2012 with revenues of 1.7 million euros, a tripling of their revenues of the previous year.

The potential of DeporVillage had already been established when they took part in a previous SeedRocket Campus bootcamp, and various big name investors and business angels, such as François Derbaix, Marek Fodor, Jaume Gomà and Carlos Blanco, chose to invest and advise the sporting web venture.

Even so the spectacular growth, in recession-hit Spain, is worth noting. The CEO and co-founder Xavier Pladellorens, recognises that keeping growth going at such levels is a big challenge, but is confident that DeporVillage will maintain its successful growth, and indeed start to expand in the international arena. According to Xavier, already the first month of operations in the French market has exceeded their expectations. I for one am confident they will, yet again, be a Spanish eCommerce success story in 2013.

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