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The Galician design converting the world to glass.

An engineer from Gijon, Asturias, Lola Palacio, has helped create a re-design of the blackboard in Pontevedra, Galicia, that is being used both in Spain and abroad. The project, called The Glass Project, has designed and manufactured glass boards with multi-functionality.

These boards (often called blackboards in classes of old, more recently known as whiteboards) have been re-invented in Galicia, and are now being used in various countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Chile. They are currently used by creatives working for Apple or Starbucks, and are ideal tools for those companies that need to train staff and impart ideas.

The main attraction of these boards are their multi-functionality. As well as being able to draw and write on them, you can attach magnetic holders to place maps, pictures or photos; additionally you can use projections on them so audio-visual presentations are easy; the boards can be customized with a company logo and used as room dividers or panels. With a full colour range, and a quality build that means little or no deterioration over time, this re-design of the old class blackboard ticks all the requirements needed by a modern trainer or presenter.

From a news article originally in Spanish

Company website

Company website