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The site that discovers the world's talents - MeTheOne

Even if you don't watch programmes such as "X-factor", "Pop Idol" or "Russia's got talent" there is no denying the audience for this type of entertainment is huge. The start-up from the Basque Country, MeTheOne, has adapted this to a web format and are seeking talent worldwide to showcase on their site.

MeTheOne is seeking to be the number one nursery for talent world-wide, and boasts already a talent pool of 5,000 people, including singers, dancers, musicians, sportspeople and skaters. They have high hopes for 2013 and hope to attract 100,000 new world talents to their stable by the end of the year.

The site doesn't just showcase various talents - it also offers toolsets such as the "El Talentator" application that professional head-hunters and talent-spotters can utilise - for instance they can monitor viewing figures, ratings and reviews of different acts.

Already MeTheOne has contributions from over 180 countries, and I can vouch for the fact it's a great site to experience new talent and be entertained. A great idea, well implemented by Mikel Torres and his Basque partners. The type of site you could end up on spending all day viewing the different displays of skill and entertainment.

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