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The top 25 movers and shakers in the Spanish IT industry

Around this time of year, the Spanish paper El Mundo publishes a list of the 500 most powerful people in Spain.

From this list, various commentators have produced a list of the 25 most influential people in Spanish technology today. This list contains journalists and freedom on the net campaigners, as well as entrepreneurs and start-up leaders.

Although it's by no means exclusive (for example it fails to include Didac Lee or Rodolfo Carpintier), it's still an impressive list, and many of these deserve following - where they have an open Twitter account - not always the case.

I hope the list below will prove of interest to anyone interested in the entrepreneurial scene in Spain.

Name Followers as at 7 Jan Twitter account

Fernando Baeta 945274 https://twitter.com/elmundoes

David Bravo 226195 https://twitter.com/dbravo

Ignacio Escolar 208157 https://twitter.com/iescolar

Enrique Dans 170310 https://twitter.com/edans

Julio Alonso 114385 https://twitter.com/JulioAlonso

Jesus Encinar 72741 https://twitter.com/JesusEncinar

Elena Gómez Pozuelo 51937 https://twitter.com/gomezdelpozuelo

Mario Tascón 21047 https://twitter.com/mtascon

Ricardo Galli 20126 https://twitter.com/gallir

Carlos Barrabes 19998 https://twitter.com/carlosbarrabes

Carlos Blanco 19227 https://twitter.com/carlosblanco

Bernardo Hernandez 18177 https://twitter.com/BernieHernie

Carlos Sánchez Almeida 16800 https://twitter.com/bufetalmeida

Genís Roca 9587 https://twitter.com/genisroca

Jose A. del Moral 5494 https://twitter.com/jamoral

María Garaña 4362 https://twitter.com/msblogspain

Borja Adsuara 3187 https://twitter.com/adsuara

Javier R Zapatero 1904 https://twitter.com/zapatero_

Koro Castellano 1058 https://twitter.com/Kocas

Víctor Calvo-Sotelo 964 https://twitter.com/vcalvosotelo

Álvaro Ibáñez 151 https://twitter.com/Alvy

Manuel Castells

Javier Olivan

José Luis Rodríguez Álvarez