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theEtailers.com - eCommerce services, gain funding

Running an internet shop nowadays is not just finding the right product and displaying them on a website. There are a multitude of factors to consider, including marketing, SEO and customer services.

theEtailers.com aim to provide professional services across all relevant areas that concern the entrepreneur trying to do business on the web, and the start-up has respected founders such as Didac Lee (the famous entrepreneur from Zyncro) involved in the business.

In the short time they've been operating they have already accomplished a great deal, and have already gained both national and international clients. Their success was recognised in May of this year when they obtained investment funding of 400,000 euros, of which a big part (300k) was provided by La Caixa.

This venture boasts of 360º e-commerce outsourcing and state they have all you need to be an eCommerce sector leader on the Net.

In short, theEtailers.com want to be your partner to success in on-line sales. I rather suspect they have the resources to achieve just that.

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Screen shot from theEtailers

Screen shot from theEtailers