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CoquetaMe - Could a Personal Shopper online change how you shop for clothes?

The growth of fashion sites, both in eShop terms and in social networks, has been quite striking. Coquetame is a new site that introduces a new concept to the sector - it offers a cyber personal shopper free for the fashion addict and casual browser alike.

Initially thought up as a concept by Juan Hurtado, Casal Iñaki and Alberto López, the project quickly gathered pace and within a year had become a Wayra-backed enterprise with 500,000 euros of funding.

The technology behind Coquetame is designed to act in a similar way to a stylist or store attendant, so that items that mix and match well are suggested to the participant. By uploading your image to the site you can gauge which clothing items look good on you, and test combinations that are becoming fashionable.

The team at Coquetame have started the initial phase of demonstrating their technology to major retailers like Zara and Mango, and they are already being used on a test basis by El Ganso. Their next stage, to allow the public to access their site directly, is now being launched on an invitation basis, but a full launch can only be a short while away.

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Presentation of Coquetame (in Spanish)